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Lyocell Sheet Mask
Bandah For & Mask ∣ Lyocell Sheet Mask

Lyocell Sheet Mask

KRW 32,0001BOX - 10EA / 28ml

Main Ingredients and Effects ∣ Lyocell Sheet Mask

  • Dendropanax morbifera leaf extracts - Antixiodation, anti-aging effect
  • Indian Gooseberry Extracts - Anti-aging and anti- stress effects by its phyllemblin, galic acid, zeatin, minerals, and vitamin C ingredients
  • Astragalus Root Extracts - Boosts skin immunity, soothes and smooths skin
  • Red Clover Extracts - Anti-aging, antixiodation, removes harmful substances, protects sensitive skin

Product Specification | Lyocell Sheet Mask

Lyocell Sheet Mask
Brand Overview | Lyocell Sheet Mask
"Your skin health is our first priority. We will give you more than just external beauty" is our management philosophy. We only use natural plant-based ingredients cultivated on our own farm to provide only safe and reliable products We have providing the Lyocell sheet mask, BANDHA FOR & MASK for women who desire young and healthy skin for a lifetime. Lyocell sheet mask, BANDHA FOR & MASK has contains anito-allergenetic, natural substances. BANDHA FOR & MASK, Lyocell sheet mask was produced based on natural plant fabric called lyocell.
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