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Bandha Face Moisture Cream
Bandha YOU & FACE Moisture Cream               ∣ Bandha Face Moisture Cream

BANHA Face Moisture Cream

KRW 61,60050ml

Main Ingredients and Effects ∣ Bandha Face Moisture Cream

  • Dendropanax morbifera leaf extracts - Antixiodation, anti-aging effect
  • Aloe Vera Extracts - Moisturizes and soothes skin
  • Neem Leaf Extracts - Removes pimples and detoxifies skin
  • Indian Gooseberry Extracts - Anti-aging and anti- stress effects by its phyllemblin, galic acid, zeatin, minerals, and vitamin C ingredients

Product Specification | Bandha Face Moisture Cream

Bandha Face Moisture Cream
"Your skin health is our first priority. We will give you more than just external beauty" is our management philosophy. We only use natural plant-based ingredients cultivated on our own farm to provide only safe and reliable products We have providing the Bandha face moisture cream, BANDHA YOU & FACE MOISTURE for women who desire young and healthy skin for a lifetime

Bandha face moisture cream consist of penetrates water, the most critical factor for skin care, deep into your skin by forming a hypo-allergic moisture lauyer, making your skin radiant, firm, and bright. Bandha face moisture cream has contains dendropanax morbifera leaf extract, which has been in Korea for over ten centuries.
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